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MiCD Naturomimetic 'ONE' Layer Protocol - for Predictable Class IV Restorations

9:00am – 5:00pm

April 3, 2022 (Sunday)

Workshop Synopsis

Direct resin reconstruction of the severely compromised anterior definition is one of the more difficult challenges of clinical dentistry. The anterior dentition can present in many different shades, opacity and translucency. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to restore a fractured central incisor using an aesthetic dental model that mimics the anatomy of a natural teeth. They will learn the Naturomimetic "ONE" layering technique using the Shofu range of bioactive composites and have the opportunity to contour and finish the restoration to a life-like natural lustre. At the end of the session they should have a great appreciation on how to blend the different resins to achieve predictable aesthetic outcomes and understand a simplified method of finishing and polishing a direct anterior restoration.

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$ 650


$ 850

Event Location

Novotel Singapore on Stevens

28 Stevens Road,
Singapore 257878

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