ADSS Ethical Code & Guidelines

Aesthetic Dentistry Society Singapore (ADSS) Statement on Aesthetic Dentistry Ethical Code & Guidelines

1. Aim for aesthetic dentistry with long-term function and the maintenance of good health

2. Provide all treatment possibilities, including expected longevity of the restorations, and receive patient’s consent before providing irreversible aesthetic procedures

3. Explain to the patient that:

  • minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry is the first option e.g. teeth whitening is the most minimally invasive aesthetic dental procedure
  • bonding procedures in the anterior part of mouth are less aggressive than veneering; and veneering procedures are less aggressive than crowning
  • direct resin restorations exceed overall usefulness of metal restorations in small-to-moderate sized posterior teeth preparations
  • bonded inlays/onlays are less aggressive than crowning in posterior teeth
  • adult and youth orthodontics are an option to veneers or crowns to improve the position of teeth.

4.   Continuously train yourself on methods and materials so as to provide competent care for your patient.